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Toddler Mermaid Nursery Theme Bedroom

Toddler mermaid room makeover was a hit. What a fun project to work on! Our journey of transitioning the toddler from crib to a toddler bed needed some mermaids to help.

It's so crazy to me that my baby girl is ready for a big girl bed. It was a whole lot bittersweet saying goodbye to her Alice in Wonderland nursery. I remember nesting into that wondering what it would be like to hold her, and now here I am 2.5 years later. It flew by. She is obsessed with all things water, so naturally, a mermaid theme was the perfect fit. I got almost everything on Amazon except for a few Target finds. I also DIYed a few things.

Aside from wanting to make sure her room was childproof and save for if she was wondering when she was supposed to be sleeping, I wanted it to be easy cleanup and clutter-free. We aren't big on toys in our house anyway and tend to lean more minimalist when it comes to toys. Her room has a basket for her favorite stuffed animals and a basket for her books. Eventually, I'll probably move her baby dolls into her room as well. It's important to me that she has a nice clean space to rest in.

I truly love how this room turned out. She loves it. Even my husband was impressed. Though the actual room was a surprise to help her understand, I let her watch me take the crib apart and put it into the garage. I was telling her weeks prior she was going to get a big girl bed soon and her crib was going bye-bye. She is the type of kid that likes to be prepped for new things, so I wanted to make sure she was clued in.

I locked myself in her room for a few hours in the morning and put it together. I had to send my mom an SOS text when I couldn't figure out how to hang the curtain rod myself and got the screw suck in the wall. She came over and helped me hang a few things. Thank goodness for mamas.

Once it was done, I let her open the door. She nonchalantly says, "wow cool." This was a classic response from her wouldn't have expected anything else.

So far, nap times have been hit or miss (which they were with the crib), but she at least will go down for 'quiet time' for an hour or so. Bedtime hasn't really been an issue; she did wake up a few times the first few nights, but she also wasn't feeling 100%, so I'm not sure if it was more her not feeling well or it being a new space and waking up confused. The transition has been WAY more natural than I thought it would be!

Toddler Bed - Dream on me. This was super easy to put together and is just darling.

Rug - I love the watercolor design; the deep teal tones are so fun. We got an 8x10 size.

Mermaid Quilt- I found this shop on amazon. They also have matching sheets & swaddles. Super lovely quality. I wish they had an adult size.

Reading Nook- Amazon for the win!

Wall Decals- Also, Amazon!

The one behind her bed wasn't too hard to put up however; having a second set of hands was super helpful. It comes in pieces.

Frames- I already had these and have had them for YEARS. The shop that makes them is no longer in business. I painted the swirl one's gold and the pink sparkle one I took the photo out of and added the string to clip pictures too :)

Canvases- These were actually in her nursery. I found them at either HomeGoods or TJmax a few years ago.

I hope you enjoyed this mermaid room tour! Be sure to stop by and say hi on the gram! @wearingmomjeans

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