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How To Make DIY Crayons Gem Shaped

You’ll want to hit that pin button and make these with your little one! You can finally put all those broken crayon scraps to a good use with this DIY crayon gem project! This project was a blast. It is a lovely activity for practicing colors with toddlers. These step by step 'How to make DIY crayons' will have you floored at how easy this project really is.

What you’ll need:

Crayons (you can collect scraps of broken ones or buy them new. We did a mix of both)

Oven to 200 degrees

Knife or scissors

Here is a link to the fabulous Gemstone mold we used.

Here is a link to some bulk naked crayons if you don't already have a pencil box filled with broken ones.

Step One:

Get the crayons naked! Take off all the paper.

Step Two:

Chop them into bits.

Step Three:

Place chopped pieces into the mold. We did some mixing colors, as well as some solids. I gave my three-year-old full creative control, which she enjoyed (what three-year-old doesn't like control) Bake at 200 until melted. (About ten-ish mins)

Step Four:

Cool & pop out!

Step Five:

Make art!

These would make excellent little Valentine’s Day gifts or party favors for birthdays! Super low cost and easy :) I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to tag @wearingmomjeans on Instagram so we can see your creations!

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