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Creating A Cozy & Relaxing Birth Space

One of the exciting things for me about the idea of home birth was getting to create a cozy space. I love decorating home decor, which I totally get from my momma. I knew I wanted to create a light and airy feel for the birth space with pops of color. Also given the fact that we are having another baby and these little humans are expensive I didn't have a huge budget for putting this space together. I found almost everything on Amazon. I just love how this space turned out. Our birthing pool we got from Your Water Birth (USE CODE: wearingmomjeans for special discount) and this will complete the space. You can read more about my choice to go with a home birth in "Why I fired my OB and hired a midwife | Intro into home birth" post here.

Creating A Cozy Relaxing Birth Space

I've gotten a lot of questions about where our birth space is set up. We are currently in a 2 bedroom condo but we have a pretty big loft/bonus room on the second floor. During my second trimester, I moved our master bedroom out of the designated 'master' room and into the loft area. The loft area has no windows which I was kind of sad about at first but I'm a terrible napper so being able to have no light is amazing. So the 'master' room is now the birthing space as well as baby #2's nursery. I'm sort of hoping for a daytime delivery because the light in there is SO gorgeous and relaxing. There's a big window that overlooks a pond too (and.... the photographer in me knows it's better for photos haha)

Affirmation Banner: When I was entering my second trimester my little sister who is an amazing artist came over and helped me create my birth affirmation banner which I am totally in love with. It was a SUPER easy & fun project! We simply cut watercolor paper into the banner shape I wanted and had fun with some watercolor paint. After they dried I wrote out the affirmations I wanted with a black marker. I found a lot of inspiration for the sayings themselves on Pinterest and Etsy! Then just used a hole puncher on the top corners of the banner pieces and strung up with some twine. We made enough for two banners. This is something I can pack away and take out for the next baby as well. Even if I don't use these affirmations during the birth itself it was really nice being able to write them all out myself and then read them during the course of this pregnancy.

Twinkle Lights: I went back and forth between actual Christmas styled lights and these but I'm so glad I went with this kind. They are so soft and give a perfect glow but still let off enough light to see. I got two packages of them. You can check them out on Amazon here

Tapestry: This was one of the first things I purchase for the birthing room! I wanted something with more of an organic feel that would add some color. I'm just in love with this design. Shop it on Amazon Here

Creating a cozy and relaxing home birth space

Canopy: This was something I at first said as a joke to my photographer that I was going to do for over the birthing pool but I'm extra AF so I got it. I LOVE how the light looks with this and it gives it such a fairytale feel. I'm obsessed. Shop canopy on Amazon here

Curtains Setup: I was going to go with just plain white but I found these white and green ombre ones and jumped on it. I love the lowkey color pop it adds! This is where I totally ghetto rigged the curtains because I just strung twine throw them and tied it to nails I put into the top of the window. Then covered the top with the greenery garland I found at Micheals. Amazon does have these too but I wanted to see it in person before buying because with the fake stuff sometimes it can look a little tacky. I was able to use a 50% off coupon at Micheals and got it for under $10, score. Shop curtains on Amazon here - They come in a slew of different colors!

Creating a cozy and relaxing home birth space

Lavender: Lavender is no doubt my favorite flower. It was even on all the place settings at our wedding! My momma got this dried bouquet from one of her best friends and gave it to me to hang in the birth room. I totally love it. I did find some dried lavender on amazon you can checkout if your momma doesn't have any from her BFF ;) Click here to shop

Creating A Cozy & Relaxing Birth Space

Rocking Chair/Birthing Ball: This area is where the crib will go but we have the crib broken down and stored in the closet just to simply make more room to move around in this room for the birth. I've got a pretty big birth/support team so I wanted to make sure this space didn't feel too crowded. I threw the rocker in here from my daughter's room for some seating and of course the birthing ball! The second affirmation banner I made is hung over here (obviously). I used this same birthing ball in early labor for my daughter and love it. They are awesome for bouncing babies to sleep too in the middle of the night when you really don't want to pace anymore. Shop birthing ball here

Creating a cozy and relaxing home birth space

Prepping for a home water birth coming soon! You can read more about my choice to go with a home birth in "Why I fired my OB and hired a midwife | Intro into home birth" post here.

Can't wait to share more with you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more about our journey. Until next time,

Creating a cozy and relaxing home birth space

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