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DIY Herb Container Garden For Inside

I've gone down the crazy plant lady rabbit hole since moving into our new place. The new house we are in has loads of amazing natural light perfect for many of the most common house plants and herbs. If I had to pick two of my favorite spots in this house for plants, one would be my master bathroom (which you can read about here). The other would be my kitchen nook, which I've turned into an inside DIY herb container garden station!

Now full disclosure, my momma is a mastermind furniture builder and power tool user, so I can't take all the credit. In my house, I consider the vacuum to be a power tool... at my mommas she has more tools than I even knew existed. I had told her about an idea I had for an inside DIY herb container garden at my kitchen nook window. She has sent me a photo of this beautiful piece that she had that we (I mean her) could do cut-outs in for the actual garden beds.

I measured and went to Home Depot to pick up some plastic planters. She helped me do the cut-outs with her fancy tools, and I got to bring it home, ready to plant some herbs! I did end up painting the edges of the plastic containers white to match before planting.

I layered the bottom of each container with packaging peanuts leftover from the move for Improved Drainage and got planting!

I love how this turned out! Massive shout out to my momma over at Shabby Chic Shenanigans. If you are local to the Tampa Bay area, be sure to check her out for all your home decor needs!

Checkin on how my herbs are doing -

Basil, oregano, sage, cilantro are THRIVING. I'm able to use them daily for cooking. I've had some extra basil that I've been able to dry for pasta sauce. Tomato plant didn't do so hot. Mint didn't either. I'm going to try mint again in its own section with the way it roots it's been if it's on its own. I've replaced the tomato plant with chives, and those seem to be doing great.

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