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Mom Hack for Saving Money on Kids Clothes

This post is sponsored by Kids on 45th however; all opinions are my own.

Mom Hack for Saving Money on Kids Clothes

My entire life I've always been a bargain shopper I still love finding the best deal. There are certain things it makes sense to splurge on, and other items are just silly. Now since becoming a mom, I've realized just how silly it is to outfit my kids in brand name clothing that costs an arm and a leg. I love how cute some of the name brands are but unless I'm thrifting them you won't find me spending full price. Say I buy my toddler a $30 shirt that said toddler wears the shirt, and one of two things happens she either spills red pasta sauce all over it within 30 minutes of wearing it for the first time or two she goes through a giant growth spurt the night before wearing it for the first time and now it's almost too small. You get the picture.

Toddler destroys said clothing living her best life... or grows at rapid speeds, and I don't get my moneys worth of out it, which is why I'm super excited to share one of my FAVORITE mom hacks for saving money on kids clothes.

The Hack is called Kids on 45th, aka the best way to get quality baby and kids’ clothes cheap. When I say cheap, I mean items starting at $1.99! Bonus points because you don't have to leave your house OR even go through the hassle of picking things out yourself. Kids on 45th is a 2-minute online shopping experience. It's as easy as filling out a couple of quick questions about what type of items you want and how many of each one as well as sizing info. Kids on 45th will choose the clothes for you! In a few days your “surprise” box of clothing you will show up at your door for and your kiddo to love.

Now, wait a minute... Surprise box? What if I don't like the items? Kids on 45th has a Happiness Policy – if you don’t love something in your box, it’s a quick two taps on your device to get a credit for the item.

I have to be honest here because the items you get are a mix of used and new I was expecting to it to be one of those 'too good to be true things' I figured I would like a few things maybe love one or two. I was beyond surprised when my box arrived and I LOVED every piece. The clothes were in perfect condition. I couldn't even tell the used items were used; they look BRAND new. Nothing had that weird thrift store smell. The quality was outstanding; pieces were adorable and unique, and the process was fun!

This is one of my new FAVORITE mom hacks for saving money on kids clothes. I can't wait to order my next box. This will make shopping for the next size up easy and fun. If you still need to do some back to school shopping, be sure to check out Kids on 45th! This service would be perfect for a new baby too!

My friends at Kids on 45th have extended a coupon code for Wearing Mom Jeans readers! Be sure to use MOMJEANS for $10 off your first box. If you spend $65 or more shipping is on the house :) Shop Here and be sure to follow Kids on 45th on Instagram!

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