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The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

This Post is Sponsored By Crane, but all opinions are my own.

The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

Parenting is a wild ride. We all want the best for our kids. There are so many things you can do to give your kids a healthier life from eating healthy to chemical free bath products but have you ever stopped to think about the air they are breathing?

Air quality is often overlooked when it comes to making healthier choices for your family. Room air is filled particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. These are all things that can make your immune system work a little hard to keep you healthy. If you or your little ones have things like Allergies, Asthma, or are sensitive to toxins, an air purifier may be a great thing to add into your home. Air purifiers help create cleaner & healthier indoor air for you and your children.

The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

Personally for our family air quality has been something that is a huge priority. We recently dealt with some adverse effects of living in a home with mold. So when we moved into our new home, we took precautions aside from testing one of the significant precautions we took was having air purifiers.

Shopping for an air purifier can be overwhelming; there are a lot of different models, and not all brands are created equally. Our family trusts Crane for our air purifier needs. We love the quality of the product as well as the fantastic easy to use features and excellent customer service this company has.

"Crane products are designed for better living, specifically with your needs in mind. We’re focused on engineering products that you can always depend on to help you stay healthy, express your style, and make your living space more comfortable."

The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

We chose the Crane True-HEPA Tower Air Purifier. This air purifier's True-HEPA filter captures not only up to 99.97% of airborne dust but also pollen, pet dander, and smoke! It's super easy to change the filter! Which will need to be switched out every 3-6 months.

Fun Fact: HEPA stands for High Efficient Particulate Air. Any true HEPA filter guarantees that the filter will capture airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time.

The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

Having kids can be smelly, which is why I love that this purifier features an active carbon filter that captures large particles as well as common household odors. This feature was a total win for us because with two littles still in diapers smells are bound to happen.

This purifier not only as a timer option but it also has a low noise setting for continuous quiet operation. I'm highly impressed with the quality of their products and look forward to using this brand for years to come.

The 101 on Air Purifiers & Why You Need Them in Your Home

To all my Amazon Prime lovers out there you'll love that you can shop Crane right on Amazon!

Be sure to follow along our journey on Instagram for more deets on this purifier as well as some of their other products we are loving! Let us know if you have a purifier in your home!

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