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Let Your Kids Be Messy!

This post is sponsored by Huggies Natual Wipes. Being a mom has taught me baby wipes can be used to clean up the weirdest of messes, and I'm not just talking diaper duty. They are fantastic for sticky snacks, crusty noses, and even art projects! We have tried so many different wipe brands but Huggies Natural Care Wipes are always a favorite. I love that they are made with 99% water and are hypoallergenic and paraben, fragrance, and alcohol-free, so perfect for sensitive skin. You can find these wipes at your local Walmart! Bonus points because they are on Ibotta too!

Do you like doing messy projects with your kids or prefer to keep it clean?! Messy projects are always so fun... until it comes to clean up! Sometimes the last thing I want to let my toddler do is make a mess but those moments when I let her are well worth the amount of laughter and memories. One of the greatest parts of being a kid is getting to explore and make messes.

​ Messy Toddler Project

5 Things I LOVE about Messy Play-

  • Heightens senses!

  • Allows for creativity!

  • Encourages discovery!

  • Helps fine motor skills & dexterity!

  • Creates fun memories!

While I limit her smashing food into the carpet I try and remind myself to say yes when she wants to jump in puddles in the driveway or put dirt in her hair at the park. If you've been following us along on Instagram (@wearingmomjeans) you know we've been super into art projects as well as sensory bins lately. Finger painting is always a favorite.

​ Messy Toddler Project

I thought it would be fun to do a fun "Pinterest mommy" art project. The idea was to create a flower with Mattie's handprints and the leaves with Johnny's feet on a canvas. It turns out I'm not anywhere near the expert finger painter I thought I would be. But this project was super fun. We had a blast. Our masterpiece turned out perfectly imperfect.

So here is a reminder to let your kids be messy little explorers! Encourage it and get down with them and jump in. The look on her face when I let her cover us in paint is one I'll want to remember forever. I would have missed this little messy memory if I said no to this mess.

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