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30 Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas For Kids!

Here are 30 Candy-Free Easter basket ideas for your kids! If you are a parent looking for a few fun ideas to throw into the mix or looking to do a fully candy free basket I've got you covered! If you are on a budget the dollar store or target dollar spot are some of my favorite places to hit up! If you have a little more dough to drop Etsy has some dreamy options to create a boutique-like basket.

We are pretty healthy around here! My 2-year-old has never even had a piece of candy... To be honest she thinks frozen wild blueberries are a treat. So if you're 'that health nut mom' like me or someone who doesn't want to fill your kiddos Easter basket with a bunch of sugar.

30 Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas!


Coloring Books

Flash Cards



Tempory Tattoos



Playing Cards

Sidewalk Chalk

Mini Cars

Action Figures


Wooden Toys

Stuffed Animals

A Movie



Sand Toys

Easter Outfit

Bath Toys

Cozy Pjs

Night Light

Finger Painting



Healthy Treats

Baby Doll

Play-doh or Slime


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