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Top 4 Baby Companies Run By Mom Bosses

Even though Mattie & Johnny are less than 2 years apart a lot we discovered some new brands for Johnny that we are LOVING and plot twist these brands are all run by MOM BOSSES! As a momma entrepreneur myself I find it super important to support fellow mom bosses when shopping for baby products.

Below I share my current top favorite companies run by mommas. These products/brands are all ones we use in our home and truly love. As a reminder, I only share about brands I truly stand behind on every level from quality, customer service, and beyond. These amazing mommas even extended exclusive COUPON codes!

Products Brands: Instead of just a cool baby gadget products invented by parents are invented out of a need they have to make their life easier which of course if you have little ones will make your life easier too!

Omie View

Omie View is a really cool bassinet mirror! This is ideal for postpartum it's so great for mommas who are having a hard physical recovery. You simply clip the mirror onto the baby's bassinet, use the remote to adjust as needed! There is even a nightlight for those middle of the night feeds. Omie View gives your peace of mind because it allows you to see your baby's face from their bassinet without having to get up. I love using this when I'm working it allows me to see the baby from across the room, he also loves looking at it so it's a double win for me!

Sarah who is the inventor & co-founder of Omie View says “Being a MOM BOSS means waking up early and working long hours after little ones are tucked in bed, having endless checklists, and sometimes feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day to meet the demands of being a mom, wife, full-time employee and mompreneur. But it means EVERYTHING knowing that I’m making a difference for others with my product, knowing that I have a platform to inform parents about SIDS and safe sleep, AND knowing that all my hard work will one day serve as an inspiration to my daughters—showing them that they too can be leaders and can achieve their goals and dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be.”

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Busy Baby

Busy Baby Mat is a genius product! It serves as a toy saver, clean eating surface and sensory toy all in one. You just suction cup this down to any surface, you can even attach toys to the tether system. Our favorite time to use this is when we go out to eat. It keeps the mess to a minimum and keeps us from having to recuse toys off the floor every few seconds. I love having a clean place my daughters food to go. Toddler + a glass plate is not a good idea but I don't like putting her food directly onto the table so this solves that issue. I love how easy to clean it is.

Beth the inventor behind Busy Baby says "Being a mom boss to me means accomplishing what most people do in an 8-hour day during my son’s 2-hour nap. It means having the freedom and creating my own schedule so I can give him more dedicated hours in a day. It means being a great example to him of being strong, but also strongly prioritizing family."

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Apparel Brands: Mainstream stores have so much of the same repeat colors/patterns/styles. Instead of supporting the bore of big box stores I often time shop online to find more unique items. Moms who are at the forefront of baby apparel make sure it's nothing but the best for the little ones who will be wearing the products.


If you follow along with us on Instagram you know how much we love our Mocs! SojoMocs designs are just adorable I'm totally obsessed with all the fun colors they offer. The quality is outstanding. A really cool feature about SojoMocs is that they allow you to trade in your baby's shoes for a bigger size! Buy a pair of shoes and once they need the next size up you can exchange for a bigger pair, it's like getting two for one! I love that they came up with this. Most of the styles have a nonskid on the bottom which is so important for the little ones learning to walk.

Lori the momma behind SojoMocs Says "After my Daughter, Sophia Jo, was born I remember that moment I thought “This can’t be it”. I wanted so much more for not only myself but for my family, and I remember thinking “I have the ability to make my life exactly what I want it to be.” The minute I became a real Mom Boss was the minute I stopped letting fear and doubt take over and made SOJO Moccs into exactly what I envisioned it to be. A company that not only helps Moms but gives back!"

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Swanky Shank I'm not sure I've ever seen onesies as cute as Swanky Shank's! Each one is hand dyed and the designs are hand cut and sewn on. You can just tell they are made with love. Most designs are one step away from a bad dad joke but cool enough to be in the mom's got jokes category. I always love seeing the new designs and creations from this brand! If you order from Swanky Shank you'll suddenly be embarrassed about any presents you've ever wrapped. Each package is wrapped so beautifully brings a smile to my face each time I get my Swanky goodies in the mail.

Jen the mastermind behind Swanky Shank Says " As a Mom Boss— Making sure to put your kids first isn’t ever an issue but remembering to take care of the menial tasks of everyday life, is. However, It’s the most empowering thing to show your children that one can literally do what they set out to do. Living my dream has always been being a creator and being a Momma- so having my kids alongside me for this journey has been next-level-stoopid-good."

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