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Turning TWO! Happy Birthday to Mattie!

There is that quote "long days, short years" I've never felt that to be true than watching my kids grow. Mattie Shay turned TWO today and I honestly don't know where the time went. When you have a baby people tell you not to blink but you don't realize what they mean until you blink and suddenly your baby girl you were JUST holding in your arms after she was born is TWO!!

Watching this little girl grow has been such an amazing thing. She's such a spitfire little sassy soul. There are long days when I can't even but then there are moments within those days that I wish I could relive a thousand times over.

Being a mama is a strange balance between wanting to live in the past, present, and future. Once the moments pass I want to go back because I realize how quickly they go. The moments of pure giggles and snuggles I want to freeze. But I also can't wait to see where life takes this perfect little human.

Things I love that I never want to forget: I love that anytime she says dog she HAS to follow it up with 'woof woof'. She says 'Bah' instead of help. I love the way she pats my back when she gives me hugs with her sticky little toddler hands. She says 'aww' when she cuddles me. Her laugh is as pure as they come and if something is really funny she'll cover her mouth with both hands. I love that she tries to help with her brother, anytime he cries she runs to his recuse and says 'aw oh no'. I love that she LOVES to eat, don't get between this girl and her food. I love her dance moves that are so much like her dads it's scary... plot twist he can't dance. Anytime she eats anything she says 'mmm good, good?' like she's asking me if it's good or not. When she says 'I love you' it sounds like E-youuu.

Today we surprised her with birthday balloons! My momma took little Johnny for a bit so I could take Mattie on a special Mommy/Daughter date! My mom mentioned that might be fun and I took her up on it. I realized that she hasn't really had ANY one on one time on my since Johnny was born. It was nice to be able to take her out for a girl trip, totally making it a goal to carve out time for just her and I more regularly. We finished the day off with some yummy food at our favorite place Poppo's! We plan to have a little family celebration on Sunday. I'm looking forward to a much-needed unplug chill day with the family. Stay tuned for another birthday blog post! I'll be sharing a DIY for a watermelon birthday cake!

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