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Switching To Cloth Diapers With 2 Under 2!

"I would never cloth diaper" is something that came out of my mouth before... yet here I am! Cloth diapering not only one but two kids under two! Our cloth diaper journey started when baby number two arrived and his little bum WAS NOT a fan of disposables at all. We tried several different brands of disposables and they all resulted in a nasty chemical burn looking rash. So we took the leap bought a lot of a facebook swap group and boom. We were knee deep in cloth diapers! I've really enjoyed cloth diapering. It's been really great for our family. Not only does it save $ but I know I'm not putting crazy chemicals on my kids! If you look into what chemicals are actually in mainstream diapers it's beyond terrifying!

Of course, me being anti-cloth diapering I've said some things. You know the things you say before you have kids... "my kid will never do XYZ" yeah well this is the same thing only I said it about never cloth diapering! I honestly didn't think I'd ever be turned into a cloth diaper mom. Jokes on me!

Why Would Anyone Cloth Diaper: To be honest I didn't really get why anyone would want to cloth diaper! But not living the life of a cloth mama I get it. It's money saves, better for the environment, better for the babies, AND... IT'S fun! Yes, I used fun to describe cloth diapers. Now I'm not talking spraying the toddler shit off with the diaper sprayer before bed because I'm not sure that'll ever be fun... but I'm talking about all the fun prints you can get! It can be a little addicting so if you're in it to save money STAY away from the resell groups!

It's Gross: I thought it would be gross. But honestly, I haven't had any baby blowouts like I got with the disposable diapers and cleaning the poo ones is pretty quick and easy. Also, they don't smell up the house like I thought they would! Disposables smell was nastier and stink up the house, I've never experienced with the cloth ones.

Too Much Extra Work: Well, news flash I was already doing laundry anyway! What's one more load? It's really not that much extra work. Takes maybe 5 mins. It's all about getting a wash routine down and sticking to it. My husband and I tag team washing so it's not all on me. (thanks babe!)

I Like Disposables: Ha. Fun fact after switching to cloth I CRINGE at the thought of going back to disposable diapers!! I truly love cloth!

Overall our cloth diaper journey has been pretty easy! It was, of course, a little bit of a learning curve but there are so many amazing resources out there to help you learn.

A few tips!

Try DIFFERENT Brands: This is probably the biggest piece of advice I have. Get a starter lot with a few different brands/styles. There are so many different options to choose from when switching to cloth that it can be overwhelming. Styles and brands I thought I would love ended up being my least favorite. So I'm glad I gave a few different brands a try before I landed on one I like the best and then could invest in more of those styles! (We love Mama Koala!)

Test Your Water: Be sure to TEST your water for water hardness. My water is really hard so I have to add a softener to it to ensure the diapers don't get any buildup from the minerals in the water. This is super important for a good wash routine. Click here for to checkout the strips I used to test my water.

Join FB groups and research: Facebook groups have been so awesome for learning different tips and tricks! Another great website for learning is: Fluff University has such great step by steps and really break it down for you.

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