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Prepping for Baby #2. Nesting MODE & TIPS for Purging

Nesting with baby #2 was was more intense than with #1. This time around I not only had the urge to make everything squeaky clean but I was putting things in the donation pile faster than I could keep up with. If it wasn't currently serving a purpose I got rid of it. After having one baby you realize how much stuff you DON'T really need. I feel like I had every gadget and baby thing under the sun. This time around we had a very basic approach with what we needed for #2. Preparing this time around is more about getting the house in order so I can relax after he or she is born.

Purging all the things that didn't serve a purpose not only felt AMAZING but there was just less stuff to deal with which in turn made keeping up with cleaning so much easier. Anything to make cleaning a little easier to keep up with I'm all about.

Tips for Purging:

Does It Serve A Purpose/Am I using it? Ask yourself this! If the answer is no or the infamous 'I might need that later' get rid of it! Don't hold on to random things you 'might' need that is how clutter happens.

Have a Box or Bin Ready to go: I had a plastic bin upstairs and one downstairs when I was cleaning I would just pop things in the bin ready for donation then when they were full we would bag and drop off.

Let Go Your Attachment to Materialistic Items: I notice this one a lot with my clothes. I had clothes I hadn't worn in YEARS but I was holding on to them still. We live in a world that tells you that you need STUFF. Once you let go of the attachment it makes it so much easier to purge. It feels so good too!

Overall downsizing the amount of stuff we had made me feel so much more at peace. It's truly soul cleansing to get rid of clutter. My sanity was a little more in tack knowing that there was less mess to deal with and the overall energy of the house felt better with all those useless things gone!

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