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Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review | Must Have Baby Item

Moms worry about their kids. It's just something we do. When we started to transition Mattie into her crib for bedtime, I remember worrying about her. I remember the first time Mattie slept through the night I kept waking up wanting to check on her. Which is why for baby number two I am SO excited to be partnering up with Newton Baby, they are on a mission to bring safer, healthier, better sleep to babies and peace of mind to parents with their epic crib mattress design that you can literally breathe through. Yes, you read that right! Say see ya to those outdated plastic baby mattresses and hello to a mattress made with Breathe-Thru Technology allowing you to be able to breathe right through it which dramatically reduces the risk of suffocation. It allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation to help your baby stay asleep longer. ​

When I first got this mattress in the mail, my first thought before I even got it out of the box was how LIGHT it was! I couldn't believe it. The mattress itself only weighs 11lbs, which makes doing the seemingly impossible task of changing crib sheets a breeze! Aside from being super lightweight, it's also totally washable! That grey cover you see comes off and can go right into the wash, and the white core can even be sprayed down in the shower or tub! This is such an awesome feature because let's face it babies are MESSY!

Though the lightweight and washable aspect of this mattress are enormous sellers for me the feature I love the most is that its Greenguard Gold certified which means it is free of chemicals and toxins and has no off-gassing! This is SO important to me. As someone who tries hard to maintain a toxin-free home creating a safe sleeping environment for my babies is high on the list. Once you start to research how many chemicals are put into most mattresses, you'll love this feature too!

Let's talk comfort factor. It's way more comfortable than any crib mattress I've ever felt I'm pretty sure this mattress is more comfortable than my bed (HINT HINT Newton Baby if you made a king size of this I wouldn't be mad about it) This is legit the Tesla of crib mattresses! Newton Baby kept the fact that babies grow and change in mind when designing this mattress. This is a 2-stage mattress which means that it is firm enough for your littlest but cushy enough for a growing toddler.

I can't wait until baby #2 can officially put this mattress to the test! Big sister Mattie was all about helping test it out (well kinda... see photo below for my real life of how photoshoots with a toddler really go) With only a few weeks left until my due date getting the mattress in the mail made it a little more real that we will indeed be adding another little one. Everything is coming together piece by piece. Stay tuned for a full nursery reveal! I can't wait to show you this space I've been working on.

You can find out more information about Newton Baby on their website & you can SHOP Newton Baby Mattresses HERE

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