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Shabby Chic Baby Sprinkle

My mom threw me the most adorable shabby chic teal themed baby sprinkle to celebrate baby number two! She as always outdid herself on decor, it was so beautiful! If you've never heard of a baby sprinkle it's like a baby shower but more chill & low key. It's normally just a few close friends and family who gather around to eat food and celebrate the new baby! We had an amazing baby shower to with both sides of the family to celebrate Mattie and it was wonderful but I totally wanted something more low key this time. So the sprinkle was a perfect girls day and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I left my daughter at home with my husband for the day. It was so nice being able to just relax with girlfriends without having to chase a crazy toddler around, I actually could finish a sentence (WEIRD)! Though I'm pretty sure my husband was jealous he couldn't come because there was going to be good food (I was nice and did sneak him some lemon bars home).

It was so great seeing everyone. My best friend who lives in Rome (Yes, she's cooler than me) was home for two weeks for the first time in almost a year so I was so glad the dates worked out for everyone and she was able to make it. Her momma who I adore came too and was the amazing genius chief behind the lemon bars I ate too many of.

Huge shout out to my amazing dad too for running all kinds of 'sprinkle' errands and doing all the yummy food prep! He picked out all the gorgeous flowers. Trader Joes has the most fabulous flowers and they last forever. If you have one near you I highly recommend their flowers. My dad is the BEST at hosting girl parties! I swear between the two of my parents they could have their own party throwing company!

We added a fun twist asking everyone to bring something white for the baby and we all got to tie-dye the items! That was so much fun! Who doesn't love a DIY project? This baby will totally be rocking some tie-dye for a few months.

I got a kit off of Amazon! I was super impressed it was really easy and minimal mess (well for most of us... I did forgot to put gloves on and got it all over my hands). I feel like the colors came out awesome! I just loved how they turned out. I'd hands down purchase this kit again!

I mean check out how awesome these turned out!!

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