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How My 2nd Pregnancy Is Different From The 1st

Pregnant with baby number two and it has been 100% different than being pregnant with baby number one. My pregnancy with my daughter there was so many unknowns. I don't even want to know what my google history looked like back then. I had way more fears surrounding childbirth and just pregnancy in general. I think part of it was because it was my first and part of it was because I didn't truly educate myself on certain things that I know about now after having a baby. There is something so strange about that first pregnancy that isn't there in the second one, it's the knowledge of how crazy that baby love is once you meet them for the first time. You think about meeting that baby in your belly the entire time your pregnant but until it actually happens you have no idea the heart mushy mess you'll actually become. Feelings so big I cannot even describe and those close to me will tell you I'm far from a feely person, so believe me when I tell you this is big stuff. I feel like knowing that feeling now has made this pregnancy easier in a way because I know that HUGE reward is waiting for me at the end of this sweaty, waddly, shit show I am right now. Checkout my pregnancy story for finding out about baby #2 in the blog post- Then there were FOUR

Second Pregnancy Being Different From The First

How My 2nd Pregnancy Is Different From The 1st

It's Not About You

Second Pregnancy Different From The First

First pregnancy it was pretty much all about me. This pregnancy HA I can kiss that goodbye. It's all about my sassy little toddler and what snack she'd like next (no, really all she does is eat). There is no I need to lay down because I do not feel up to anything with a toddler who thinks a game of chase is the best thing in the world. Her squeals and giggles make the pure exhaustion this game of running up and down the hall worth it. Though she's been amazing at snuggling with me when I really need it for a few short minutes at a time there has surely not been any Greys Anatomy binge-watching sessions for hours on end on days when I just don't feel like doing anything. She is totally the center of the show but I wouldn't have it any other way.

No Being Lazy

Second Pregnancy Different From The First

There is no calling into work because you don't "feel good" aka you slept like crap from being up every 20 minutes to pee and can't people today. The moments when I could potentially be lazy like on the rare day she actually naps for more than 20 minutes I'm running around like a crazy person trying to make sure the house is in order before the beast wakes up to destroy it. When I'm not catching up on housework I'm trying to get caught up on my work for the day so I don't have to work all night. I pretty much feel like I'm juggling on top of a ball inside of a circus. But it's all cool. I got this..kinda.

Less Worry About This & More About That

I worry less about all the random things doctors tell you not to eat and more worry about the transition from one to two kids. The things I worried about in my first pregnancy seemed so silly compared to the actual lifestyle freakouts I'm having about this pregnancy. How do moms of more than one even leave the house? Am I ever going to get ANY work done? How will I heal postpartum with a toddler & BABY? How crazy am I going to become?

Carrying Differently

Second Pregnancy Different From The First

My belly feels so different than when I was pregnant with Mattie. I'm totally carrying less in my hips and all in the front this time. Some think that means this one is a boy, but we will see. Pregnancy with Mattie I popped so many stretch marks around this time so far I haven't seemed to have added any new ones so we'll see if that's the case going forward too. Having way more lower back and hip pains with baby number two, and they started way earlier this time around as well.

Feels Faster

Second Pregnancy Different From The First

Maybe I should thank my crazy little spazo of a daughter for keeping me SO busy that I don't even know what day it is because this pregnancy is going by way faster than I felt like my first did. This is bittersweet because I totally don't want to feel pregnant any longer than I have to but I want to remember to slow down and soak up every last little moment with Mattie before baby number two gets here. She also seems to be growing up faster than I can keep up with!

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