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Due this Fall? 5 Summer Preggo Problems You Can Probably Relate To.

Being pregnant in the summer has its ups with the fun pool time you might get to enjoy, but oh man does it have its downs too. Summer pregnancy you'll need to be prepared to stay hydrated even more. Due with a fall baby means you get the pleasure of being knocked up all summer long and not the cute 'I'm not showing yet' kind... You get the big ole waddle to the kitchen for snacks and hope water doesn't give you heartburn kind of knocked up. That's right I'm talking part of the 2 & then the dreaded 3rd trimester. The most uncomfortable part of growing a human is yet to come babe. If you have a toddler running around as well be sure to checkout 5 Rules Of Summer | Life with a Toddler!

Due this Fall? 5 Summer Preggo Problems You Can Probably Relate To.

#1 It's Effing HOT

There isn't even a way to sugar coat this unless you live somewhere where temps don't get above 72ish with 0 humidity then I'm sure you can feel my pain. FL mama over here and the temps get up in the hundreds (feels like thousands) and the humidity level is disgusting. You can feel the dense air hit you on the way out the door like a piece of adhesive. Making you instantly regret making plans to leave the house. Summer pregnancy is great for long walks around the air-conditioned Target if you can get parking close enough so you don't melt on the way in.

#2 If You Had Balls You'd Sweat Them Off

Holy BOOB sweat but it doesn't stop there oh hey belly sweat and my personal favorite the dreaded 'down there' sweat. That 'pregnancy glow' everyone talks about I'm convinced is actually just sweat. You can give up on wearing makeup because it'll just melt off. Oh and good hair days? HA, the humidity will take care of that for you.

#3 Other People Stink

I pick up on every little smell pregnant. The next worse thing to getting suck in an elevator with the old lady who just left Macy's perfume counter is having to smell someone else's BO. Legit I never realized how much other people smell until summer pregnancy hit. Not that I smell like sunshine and daisies all the time but man I don't want to smell you that for sure. Sorry, not sorry.

#4 Hot Mama = 0 Chill

I normally don't have a tolerance level for people saying dumb things but being pregnant in the summer really lowers that level. When your pregnant people seem to have so many fun things to say to you. Things like "oh my god you are about to pop" when your 16 weeks and don't even feel like your showing that much. The "are you sure it's not twins?" comment which is great for making you feel huge. Let's not get started on the random people who just reach out and try to touch your belly. Being hot from the summer heat makes me even less likely to be nice to you if you do any of the above so if I don't know you it's probably best to just keep it moving, after all, I really don't want to talk about if I'm going to have a vaginal birth or a c-section because that's normally the next question.

#5 Long Waddles To AC

This pregnant mama waddle is quite the workout, nothing makes you break such a sweat. Forget nice long walks on the beach. All I want is get to the AC so I can park my butt with some ice water, and not move again until I am about to pee my pants. Beyond grateful to have a car that has kickass AC especially on the days where I can feel part of my soul melting away on the walk *I mean WADDLE* from the house to the car while carrying my wiggly radiator of a toddler and all the supplies we need for the outing we are about to embark on.

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