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Momma's Spa Day | Review Of inVitamin Products

I'm so excited I was able to team up with inVitiman to test out some of their AMAZING natural beauty products. If you have followed me for a while you know I am a huge dork when it comes to what I put into my body for food. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people who buys organic, non-gmo, and thinks coconut oil solves real-life problems. I've been eating clean for almost 3 years but it took me a little longer to come to terms with the beauty products I was using were harmful. When people think "health" their brains normally go straight to die/food but the beauty products you are using can have a major impact on your health as well. Just think about it, can you even pronounce any of the ingredients found in your bathroom products? Your skin is your biggest organ so why would to load it up with all kinds of toxic chemicals? You'd be surprised the amount of crazy toxic and dangerous chemicals in your makeup, hair products, and skin products! A great resource I've found helping when cleaning up my beauty products has been the EWG’s Skin Deep Database which allows you to research toxic chemicals that might be in your cosmetic and other personal products.

The 20 Minute Momma Spa Day | Review Of inVitamin Products

My Thoughts On Products I Tried -

ADVANCED ALL NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM INCLUDES: Natural Charcoal Cleansing Cream Natural Recovery Boost Gel Natural Renewal Serum Kojac Sponge

I'll be honest (as always) i've never been a person that has a routine with my skincare, especially with washing my face. Half the time if I leave my makeup on and continue to wear it the next day. This kit makes it easy and the results have left me wanting to wash my face! I leave my sponge in and face wash in the shower and then have the Boost Gel & Serum on my counter for when I get out. It's super easy to apply and makes my skin feel fabulous! The wash has a very refreshing sensation and the sponge gives me a much needed soft exfoliation. Expecting baby #2 my ance has totally flared up a little bit with the pregnancy and I can tell this is helping. Plus nothing will clog your pores faster than dirty little toddler fingers!

MATCHA GREEN TEA GLACIAL CLAY FACIAL MASK This might have been my favorite product! I'm totally a face mask girl. This face mask left my face feeling bright and refreshed plus it smells amazing! I love that you can mix this up with different things (yogurt, water, aloe, etc) to give it a more tailored experience for that your face needs. So far I've tried it with water & greek yogurt! I think the yogurt was my favorite combo but I'd be interested to see how I like it with aloe! "This deep-cleansing facial mask detoxifies, exfoliates, softens skin and tightens pores with all-natural ingredients, promoting a brighter complexion while helping restore a more balanced skin tone."


This little gem is a magical product for getting makeup off! I just use a cotton ball or cotton wash cloth. It is super refreshing. I've also used it on days when I didn't get a hot second to take a shower and we were on the go and I felt sweaty and gross. I love how my face feels after using this, it doesn't dry you out like a lot of makeup removers will. This product is very hydrating.

CHARCOAL TOOTH POWDER & BRUSH I got to try the spearmint flavor powder. I liked it but didn't love it. My husband, on the other hand, LOVES it! My teeth no doubt felt clean and looked noticeably whiter but I prefer something a little stronger on the minty side when it comes to toothpaste. I do feel like this is awesome if you're about to eat and don't want that lingering minty taste. InVitamin also has a Charcoal Toothpaste that I'd be interested to try to compare! When this runs out I'll be sure to try that one and update you all. I feel like I'm more of a paste vs powder person but that's just my personal preference. Totally recommend trying it to see if it works for you! Their toothbrush is awesome! I've actually been using bamboo toothbrushes for about a year now and I like the InVitiman one the best! Their brush is a little firmer than the two brands I've previously tried and I liked that a lot.

I will TOTALLY be buying more of their products in the future. I never want to run out of the face kit. I'm totally in love with this brand. Anything from their line would also make EPIC gifts if you're stuck on shopping for someone who has everything! I mean who doesn't love products that pamper!

Products I want to try next:

Coconut Oil Deodorant Stick

Glacial Silt Mineral Body Bar

Natural Charcoal Toothpaste

They were awesome enough to hook you guys up with a Special Coupon! Use Code: WMJ20 for 20% off !

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