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Communicate With Your Baby | Intro Into Baby Sign Language

Communicate With Your Baby | Intro Into Baby Sign Language

So excited to be partnering with Sign With Me Box for this blog post. Sign with me box is an AMAZING subscription box unlike anything else. Their focus is on sign language specifically with little ones. "You get trusted products from the best sign language learning companies, as well as fun toys to help you teach the signs to your baby. You also get access to an ASL teacher who specializes in working with infants through our exclusive Facebook group."

After having my daughter I heard a lot of talk about teaching babies sign language. I thought back to the 4 years of Spanish I took in school and not remembering a thing I thought HA yea right that's not for me. But curiosity drew me into learning more and I'm so glad I did. With a little research, I realized how easy it actually was to start learning a few signs myself as well as teaching them to my daughter.

We started signing at around 7 months, some mamas start earlier but I wasn't committed to it until around 7 months. With baby #2 I'm totally going to start earlier. I was super consistent with saying the word and doing the sign every single time! Example: anytime she wanted to nurse I would say "num nums" (our word for boobie milk) and do the sign for "milk" within just a few weeks she was signing "milk". Once I realized how much just that one sign was able to help us communicate I dove in! It eliminated so much frustration because she could tell me what she wanted before she started crying. Next, we learned hungry, food, more, all done, please, thank you, outside, & help.

Baby signs don't have to be perfect chances are they will add their own twist to a sign. Just keep being consistent with them and you will be surprised how fast they pick it up. For us, it was so great to be able to have a form of communication. She could tell me she wanted milk or food or when she wanted more or was all done. I feel like it eliminated a lot of stress around not knowing what she wanted because she was able to tell us.

How to learn? We picked up a lot of signs right on youtube! Anytime we wanted to learn a new sign we just searched "baby sign for____" and found some short helpful videos. We also LOVE @ryanandrose on Instagram! Lindsey has a teaching background in sign language and does "Sign Of The Day" in her Instagram stories with fun new signs, we have learned a lot from her.

Sign With Me Box is legit the coolest subscription box I've seen! As you know we only partner with companies I truly love and stand behind so you can trust I'm not just saying I love them. It's a box with actual value inside, unlike some other subscription boxes that'll turn you into a hoarder. The wooden stackable blocks in our May box were handcrafted and are PERFECT! The book is so fun and is the perfect addition to Mattie's *little* but huge library she has started. The box also included: Adorable bubble recipe & signing booklet.

You can shop Sign With Me Box HERE & be sure to show the love on Instagram follow them HERE. Exclusive discount for 25% off use code: FIRSTBOX

Stay tuned for Communicate With Your Baby | Intro Into Baby Sign Language PART TWO coming in June.

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