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Totokan Baby Monitor Review

I'm so excited to have partnered with the amazing people over at Totokan to bring you this review. *This post includes affiliate links* Now as you know when I do reviews for things I'm not just spewing out love because a company sent me a product and I'm sucking up. I only share products I love, companies I stand behind, and things that I truly feel will benefit my mama tribe. I do my best to keep it real. Special CODE at the bottom!!

Literally, a life goal is to have a secret set of eyes I can set down to watch my kid when I can't be in the room. AKA perfect example she wakes up in her crib for a nap but isn't crying and is happily playing and talking to herself. Now she's happy and content so why go in and get her out? Well, little do I know what she's creating a mural on her wall and her bedding with her after nap bowel moment... Now if I had that secret set of eyes when I heard her up, I could have tunned in and caught her taking her diaper off which would, in turn, have left me a lot less cleaning ( and less crying... #WHITEbedding) Now, this is only ONE of the reasons I'm completely in love with our TOTOKAN baby monitor.

I've been using the TOTOKAN for a few months now, and I have to say I was semi against video baby monitors at first I didn't have one on my list for when I had her. I actually started off with one of the cheapy $15 ones that was basically a walkie-talkie (which later broke after dropping the parent end down a flight of stairs). To be honest I kind of associated the video monitors with "that overprotective mom" who had to watch her baby sleep and worried about everything. But now having a mischievous toddler who is sneaky as heck and is an aspiring diaper artist I have found the TOTOKAN to be priceless!

Not only does it serve as a second set of eyes but when it's nap time, and she's using her mattress as a trampoline I can from downstairs remind her that it's "snuggle time and Mattie needs to go night night." 90% of the time when she hears me on the monitor tell her this she'll lay back down and go to sleep. The other 10% she yells at me in her baby gibberish that probably is the English equivalent to "Not happening mom today I'm trying to ruin your goal of getting anything done today PS: when will dad be home."

Some cool features about the TOTOKAN I love and that make my life easier:

Set Up Was Easy: It comes ready to use right out of the box! I did charge mine for a few hours before setting it up. Full disclosure.... I did have to reach out and ask for help getting it connected to my wifi.... BUT to be fair, there was a very clearly labeled directional flyer inside the box, however; some little human who shall remain nameless *cough cough MATTIE cough cough* took it as a toy before I started setting up and I found it under the couch a few days later. So note to self: Don't let your kid run off with the setup guide before you read it. But I guess this allowed me to test their customer service which has been nothing but EPIC!

It Works in The DARK.

Night vision is awesome. Everything is super clear. Bonus there is no bright light of flash that will bother your little one. Side note: Using the night vision on here always reminds me of this spy kit I somehow talked my mom into letting me get from one of those stupid scholastic book fare flyers from grade school. There was a pair of night vision goggles in the kit! So it brings me back to the good ole days.

TOTOKAN is Portable! Now obviously your probably thinking well any monitor is small enough to be portable why is that special? Well, let me tell you! Some baby monitors have to be mounted so that would be a pain to get down and reinstall somewhere else. TOTOKAN makes it easy to move from room to room around the house. It has a super long battery life. Ours has lasted without the plug on a full charge for over 4 hours so perfect for traveling or going to grandmas house.

Works with Smart Phone! Some baby monitors you have to carry around the other part of it to view the baby. The TOTOKAN you just get the app and sync it to your monitor and bam. You can check on your babe anytime right from your phone. I mean it's 2018 who wants to carry around another device! I love that they are with modern technology.

With or Without Wifi: This is perfect for traveling you won't have to sync it to someone else's wifi! I love this feature. Also perfect for when your internet goes out because your service provider actually is the worst.... Speaking from experience of course.

It's Water Resistant. Now again with the toddler thing... my kid has found the toilet her hobbies include eating, snacking, and sneaking into the bathroom. Now nothing YET has gone into the toilet other than her hands, but if she wanted to she could throw the TOTOKAN in the toilet, and it wouldn't break. SCORE.

It Takes Pictures & Video

Using the TOTOKAN while watching the video feed can either capture a still photo, or you can capture video as it happens. I love this feature especially when she's doing something silly. The quality is pretty good too for a baby monitor. I was pretty impressed.

Here's a picture of it in use in her nursery capturing a rare moment of my child not getting into anything or harassing me AKA sleeping. As you can see it has an amazing wide angle on it and clear picture!

Ready to SHOP?!

Totokan Baby Monitor is available on their website directly Use CODE: MOMLOVE for 20% off!

Or If you are an Amazon Prime Junkie like myself you can also shop TOTOKAN directly on Amazon. CLICK HERE

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