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"Enjoy These Days," They Said.

"Enjoy These Days," They Said.

Time is a funny thing. It's something you can never get back. Every small moment in life matters. Sometimes it feels like the day is never going to end. The days when the house is a mess; the baby is cranky, I'm cranky, nothing is planned for dinner, and I'm counting down the moments for bedtime. But then other days I stop and look at this little human who runs my life, and I don't understand how. How this baby grew inside me, how this baby went from a helpless little 8lb 6oz wonder to an ever so sassy toddler with a personality bigger than words can describe. How did this baby grow up so fast? How did time go this fast to get us to here? How did I not notice how fast it was going? 'Don't Blink' they said.... well plot twist I friggin blinked!

In the moments of the first few weeks when all I wanted was sleep people tell you "enjoy this, you'll miss it" then I thought umm yeah right I'll miss this living hell of recovering postpartum and taking care of a baby? HA. Well, guess what? I miss it! Maybe I've blocked out how truly sleep deprived I was, but I miss her being little enough to fall asleep on my chest for hours on end. I miss that fresh baby smell. I miss her little baby noises.

Being a mom is weird. Half of me can't wait for the next milestone while the other half is an emotional wreck because she's growing up to fast and it needs to slow down. Watching a baby grow into a toddler is one of the coolest things ever. I love seeing her personality form. Seeing the different personality traits she has picked up from my husband is hysterical and the ones she got from me... well those are kind of terrifying.

Now not to make it sound all like fun and games because my kid is a straight up S-ass hole 90% of the time. She pushes buttons and enjoys throwing all her food on the ground while telling me no. She runs now... so that's fun. She's a pro escape artist and loves playing in the toilet water. Oh did I mention she can get her diaper off and make art is her very own bowel movements?

Yet here I am again being told to "enjoy these days" because I'll miss them. On a good day, I might believe you. On a bad day, I'll tell you-you're lying to me. But the truth is I need to slow down and enjoy this because she will only be this little once. I know I will look back at these memories a year from now and miss it.

As a mom, we are juggling so many things. It's hard to remember to slow the F*ck down and enjoy our babies but it's so important to do. Life goes by too fast not to enjoy the little things. By little things I more mean the adorable snuggles and high pitch giggles that fill your living room... but if you can find joy in snot sucking and changing solid shit diapers more power to ya!

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