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10 Non-Physical Changes That Happen During Pregnancy

10 Non-Physical Changes That Happen During Pregnancy

10 Non-Physical Changes That Happen During Pregnancy

When people think of pregnancy, they tend to associate it with the very obvious physical changes that occur, the most obvious being a baby bump! But there are so many other changes moms go through before their little ones arrive, changes that don't even have anything do to with the physical aspect they face of carrying a child.

Pregnant mamas not only go through physical changes but a lot of emotional ones too. There is a lot of growing up (and out) that happens while baking your baby. Changes not only occur in just the mom's life but can occur in those around her as well. Things like relationships and your priorities will shift. Things you never thought you'd find yourself worrying about will not keep you up at night, researching.

Learning to cope with all the added stress of prepping for a little one can be a huge task and can take a toll on you mentally. Even though having a baby can be overwhelming it's truly a fantastic thing. You will be faced with a lot of big and new decisions over the next few months as you transition into mommyhood. Setting yourself up for success now before the baby comes the best you can, will help ease future stressful situations. Take it one day at a time as you buckle up for this crazy rollercoaster ride known as parenting.

Urge to Nest Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel the need to clean and organize everything in sight. This urge is known as nesting. You get an energy boost and clean your entire house top to bottom. You might put together the nursery set up and put together all the baby gear. You might start going through things in your house and doing a major purge of items you are no longer using. Use this time to make sure your space is filled with things that serve a purpose other than wasting space.

Nesting is different for everyone. Some pregnant moms experience it to the extreme while others don't have the nesting urge at all. All pregnancies are different and what you felt with your first might be completely different with a second or third. When you are nesting, make sure you are using common sense and aren't putting yourself in danger by overdoing it. Even though you might feel like you have all the energy in the world, you still need to take breaks.

Family and Friendship Dynamics As everyone awaits the arrival of your baby, you may notice a shift in relationships. Family members you may not have been so close to before you might now find yourself going to them for advice on things. Friends who don't have children might pull away a little bit, and you will start to bond with other friends that are in the same part of life as you. Remember in middle school you had friends that you swore up and down you'd be BFF's forever? Now you might be friends with them on social media but haven't talked to them in years? Yes? Prepare for this to happen again with your current friends.

Being pregnant chances a lot. Surround yourself with people who 'get it.' People who uplift you and make a positive impact on your life. Don't allow people in your bubble who tear you down and spew nothing but negative all the time. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Find some mama friends; you'll be glad you did.

You Worry More It's a wise tale that before you even know you're pregnant, you will carry your body differently to protect the baby. You will have a different level of worry than ever before. Every little cramp and twinge, in the beginning, will be a panic moment. "Is this normal?" will be a phrase you'll get used to asking. Growing a human is a lot of work, and there is a lot of scary things that can go wrong. Worrying is entirely normal but try not to stress. Whatever you do don't google symptoms at 3 am when you can't sleep, this is always a bad idea but especially when you're pregnant.

Aside from worrying about physical things you'll have the good ole 'am I good enough,' 'can I do this,' 'what about money,' worries as well. Don't doubt yourself. You got this mama! Instead of focusing on things you can't control focus on things you can! Eat healthily, stay active, live a low-stress life, and focus on preparing for this beautiful baby to enter the world.

Having Cravings Did someone say pickles and ice cream? Oh right, you're pregnant! One of the most asks questions to expecting mommas is about what their cravings are. While some women don't have any cravings while they are pregnant, other pregnant mamas experience them full force. So don't be surprised if you all of the sudden want to pair the oddest of food items together. Just remember it's okay to give into your cravings as long as you are keeping your diet healthy and balanced. You'll want to make sure you are eating as healthy as you possibly can for not only your health but the baby's health as well.

Cravings can strike at any time. You might be in the middle of your morning sickness puking while requesting at your SO makes your mac and cheese at 7 am or you might be craving those french fries from that place you love at 2 am. You might also want one thing for a week straight then never want to see it again in your life because you've moved onto something else.

Financial Stress

I'm sure you've heard it before babies are expensive! It's true they sure are. Even just a months supply of diapers and wipes can put a financial burden on some. It's going to be essential to plan ahead. Start putting money aside for things that come up. Go to your bank account for the past three months and see all where all the money is going. Make a list of things you can cut. Your mindset about money is sure to change before your little one is born. It's best to prepare as early as you can.

Sometimes all it takes is something to light the fire to get your finances in order. You might find yourself budgeting to the last penny. The reality of having a baby you have to provide for is a crazy awakening. Though money can be a very stressful thing to have to deal with it's going to be something you have to face. This is also something you'll want to be on the same page with you SO on. Finances are something that causes stress in almost every relationship, add a baby to the mix and your asking for trouble. Getting a solid handle on everything before the baby arrives is your best bet for a smooth transition into mommyhood.

Bond With Your Unborn Baby

It's strange how strongly you can bond with someone you've never technically met. From the second you find out your pregnant you will start mentally bonding with the baby. Just wait until you feel those first flutters in your belly of the baby moving, you'll be over the moon. Then the kicks get strong, and he/she will start using your bladder as a trampoline, and it won't be cool anymore.

You might find yourself being 'that mom' talking to your unborn child in the womb. Daydreaming about the day you get to meet him/her for the first time. The bond is strong. You'll do anything to protect this baby inside your belly. You might even find yourself playing with your baby when he/she kicks. The bond you have with your baby will be even stronger when he/she makes their entrance into this world.

Your Priorities Change

It's amazing how you can be so sure of everything about your life one day then; next, you find out your pregnant and everything changes. Your priorities will drastically change regardless of if you were planning for this little bundle or not they will work for sure shift. Your wishlist will now consist of a crib, stroller, car seat and other baby supplies instead of your usual lipstick and cute purses. You make an effort to take your prenatal every day and stay healthy.

You suddenly are scheduling doctors appointments every week instead of hanging out with friends. Money becomes a vast topic that takes over and the way you spend changes. You will soon find yourself looking for a pediatrician for your little one before he/she is even here. Setting up the nursery and baby proofing the house. Priorities, when you have a little one on the way, are completely different from the no baby zone life.

Intimate Questions Asked By Others

Ever get asked by a stranger at the mall about what will or won't come out of your vag? Get used to that! Now that your pregnant and showing you will have people think any questions are fair game. It's one thing for your crazy family to ask these intimate questions but now strangers will too. How fun! It's even better if they reach out and for a belly rub while they are asking if you are going to have a vaginal birth, NOT.

Another favorite "where you planning or was it a surprise?" normally followed by " are you married?". Really? Can we go back to the vag questions now? People will have no filter when it comes to asking these crazy questions. Don't feel like you have to answer if you don't want to or feel uncomfortable with their interrogation. Pregnancy brings up lots of different feelings for different people, most of these strangers will mean well with their questions.

Getting A Bathroom Pass

Bladder problems are real. From the beginning of your pregnancy to the end you'll find yourself needing to pee ALL THE TIME. Doing the potty dance like a toddler who doesn't have the whole potty training thing figured out will become your new normal. Don't worry about most mamas your bladder will go back to normal after your baby comes out. But for now get used to using the toilet more and getting super familiar with all the public restrooms when you run your errands.

Awkward conversation? "Sorry I have to pee." You not only can use this to get out of awkward talks but you can jump to the front of the line in the public restroom, people see that belly and move out of the way. In a store without a 'public' restroom chances are they'll let you use the employee one. Having to pee 24/7 is one of the most annoying things during pregnancy so you might as well make the most of it and use it to your advantage.

Having A Valid Excuse To Bail On Plans

Made plans and now your too tired to go? Or just don't want to? BOOM baby bump excuse for the win. You can basically get out of anything, and people totally understand. That office Christmas party you are dreading, all you have to say is you are not feeling well and because your sporting a bump people give you a free pass. Or even before the baby bump morning sickness hello. Not that you want to overuse being preggo as an excuse to bail, but it's a great way to ditch plans if you genuinely aren't feeling up to going or know your body just needs a break.

People understand and don't hold it against you. Remember to use this as an excuse when you are not feeling up to something and take the time to put your feet up and catch up on rest. Don't push yourself to follow through with plans if you really aren't feeling up for it you've now got a perfect excuse to get out of something USE it, mama!


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