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Then there were FOUR. Pregnant with Baby #2

On January, 29th (my birthday) I peed on a stick (well more like 5) and got a big fat positive! Baby #2. My husband got home from work with birthday pad thai in hand. Little did he know Mattie was about to spill some news, I had her waiting for him in a big sister t-shirt. Which in case you were wondering I totally had to point out because guys don't notice anything! He was super excited about the news probably the more excited one of the two of us. Shortly after the shock wore off, he informed me we would need more frames for pictures for baby #2!

We are both SO excited for baby #2. Aside from excitement, there is also undoubtedly the "oh shit it's about to get real." There are some days I'm home with Mattie trying to work, keep the house clean, and keep her fed/happy/and entertained and I genuinely don't know how I could handle another one. But we're doing this!

I came from a big family; I'm the oldest of 5. Growing up surrounded by chaos and siblings was AWESOME, and I'm not even being sarcastic (for once). I loved growing up with siblings. There was never a dull moment in our family always someone to play with or talk to. So I am SO excited for Mattie to have a sibling. to play with and likely torment for a while until he/she can fight back. Five was always what I said growing up but I could totally settle for 3 babes if that's how it works out.

Sometimes it's surreal that I have a healthy baby and even more surreal #2 is cooking. I've struggled with Endometriosis and bad ovarian cysts pretty much since age 14, and both have caused many issues and lots of pain. I was told by doctors at not even 18 that if I going to have children, I needed to have them young and that there was a chance I wouldn't be able to get pregnant at all or if I did there's no guarantee I'd be able to carry a baby given all my issues.

This was probably one of the hardest days being 18 in an OB office alone getting results from all kinds of tests they ran. Then being told there's a possibility I might not being able to have babies and if I want them better have them soon. Ya, let me just go find a baby daddy real quick and get this process started. This info weighed heavy on my for years after. Little did I know just 5 years later I would be married to mr.perfect and pregnant with baby #1!

As I came into adulthood, my eyes were opened up to a lot. When everything the doctor was telling me and putting me on wasn't working I knew something had to change. Here is where I can publicly say my MOM WAS RIGHT as she had been telling me these things for years. Little things like how diet can affect health (obvi). How synthetic hormones (birth control) wasn't helping any of my issues and making it worse. I did a lot of my own research and made a LOT of lifestyle changes and started taking some supplements. I didn't expect that most of my issues would be resolved within a 1.5 years of making these changes. Stay tuned for blog post coming soon with more info about how I cleaned up my lifestyle and got my endo, cysts, kidney/liver issues under control and maintain a healthy life.

Fabulous images were taken by Danielle May Photography

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