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5 Easy Ways To Sell Used Baby Stuff Online & Make Money

5 Easy Ways To Sell Used Baby Stuff Online & Make Money

Declutter your house, purge all the things, and live simpler. Unless you are a PRO minimalist, which if you are kudos to you and I'm incredibly jealous chances are you have some stuff laying around your that you don't use anymore.

Wouldn't it be epic if that stuff could make you some extra moolah? If it no longer serves a purpose why not sell it.

Especially after having a baby there are so many things you acquire. From the bulky items like swings you little one out grows in the blink of an eye to the smaller stuff like loads of hand-me-downs that no longer fit. What about all those clothes in your closet you know you'll never wear again. It's the beginning of the year don't wait for spring to starting cleaning out!

1. Find A Platform

Facebook: Facebook is not only for getting opinions about your life from family members you don't like, but it's a great place to sell your used items! Facebook has recently launched it's "Marketplace" feature where you can list and sell your items. You can also search Facebook for resale groups in your area.


Apps are also a great way to connect with buyers. Some of these apps you'll have to ship and others you can connect with locals for pickup.

Apps For Finding Local Buyers- Offer up & Letgo Apps For Shipping Items to Online Buyers- Mercari & Posh Mark

2. Take Pictures Pictures sell! You'll want to make sure your photos the product you want to sell and not a bunch of stuff in the background. Things sell best when the product is shown alone in a well-lit setting and clean background. Make sure to take the photos during the day with plenty of natural light.

Most of the platforms allow more than one photo. Standard thing customers want to see is: Pull back, close up, side view.

3. Pricing The Goods Best bet if you aren't sure what to charge for something is to do a quick search to see what similar items are going for. Price yourself competitively. Keep in mind most buyers will offer less than you have it priced at.

4. Description

You'll want the description to be easy to read and informative enough so you're not getting tons of questions wasting your time (though sometimes you get them anyways). Adding things like measurements, age of the product, smoke/pet free home info or not are often times the things people ask about.

5. Get Paid Once you accept an offer for the local apps, you'll either have to meet up with the buyer or they can pickup at your house, and pay you in cash. For the apps were you ship the app will generate a shipping label for you, box the goods up, stick the label on, and send it on its way with your mailman (or lady). You'll get the money to your Paypal or bank account in a few days minus a small fee to the app.

Other Tips: USE common sense. If something seems fishy, it probably is. You'll always want to use your gut when selling to strangers.

CASH only- Don't accept personal checks or money orders. Most of the time people who offer other forms of payment are trying to scam you.

Always tell a friend or family member when you are going to meet a buyer.

Sometimes it takes a little bit for something to sell. It's not always something that happens over night.

Happy Selling!

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