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Toy Rotation. Easy way to keep your kid's toys organized

The Art of Toy Rotation. Easy way to keep your kid's toys organized.

The madness of holidays are over, and chances are you kiddos got spoiled with some new awesome toys. Let me guess STUFF EVERYWHERE? Here are a few sanity-saving things you can do to keep everything organized and their play area less overwhelming.

Gather the toys up: Look under the couch, in the drawers, grab the diaper bag toys and put everything in a pile.

Sort through all the toys into piles:

Pile One: BYE FELICA. Donate, giveaway, or sell. Weed out those toys they outgrew, broken, or that are missing parts.

Other Piles: Like things go with like things. Piles for books, stuffed animals, balls, blocks, etc.

You've created a disaster... What now? Grab big reusable bag(s) or a few plastic bin(s). I've only have one little one so that we can do our toy rotation with two cycles. But if you have more than one or a kid with a LOT of toys you can do more than one cycle.

Throw some of each category toy into the allotted bins or bags, and you'll want to have some of each type of toy in each rotation. Example: 3 different sets of blocks separate them, so each rotation gets its own set.

SWAP Them:

Pick a day and each week swap the toys out for a new bin. My little one LOVES rediscovering the toys each week. You'd think she's never seen them before. We do the swap Sunday night after bedtime. (sometimes this means Tuesday morning because.... mom life).

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