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Valentines Day Outfits for Your Little Heartbreakers

Valentines Day Outfits for Your Little Heartbreakers

2017 flew by about as fast as it takes my kid to wake up from a nap start crying the second I turn the shower on. Once all the New Year chaos is over it'll be VALENTINES DAY before you know it. Valentine's day before kids might have might be a romantic night out with your lover... but now it likely means hiding from your kids while eating the chocolate and then later getting cockblocked by the small offspring you procreated. So why not dress them up in ridiculously cute outfits and take pictures for blackmail during their teen years. BONUS: Give them a big ole' smooch with red lipstick on for a timeless amount of embarrassment throughout the teenage phase of life.

I've recently become obsessed with CRAZY8 their line is not only adorable but affordable! Fast shipping and easy returns if something doesn't fit. How CUTE is their Valentines Day line for 2018? Happy Shopping!


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