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Cute & Cuddly Creature | Product Review Craftholic

Cute & Cuddly Creature Product Review | Craftholic

Crafts are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E plush creatures. (did I say adorable?) Snuggle, Cuddle, & Play! Crafts are unique they are very soft and have long hands and legs which is perfect for kiddos to hug and love on. Craftholic offers a fantastic variety of colors, designs, and all kinds of cute animals (such as sloth, rabbit, cat, monkey). They also have been known to be able to comfort children with autism and anxiety disorder (click for reference article)

I showed my daughter this for the first time her face lit up with a huge smile! She loves hanging out with her Craft buddy. I love how colorful and SOFT they are. I've even found myself snuggling with it. It's the perfect pillow for chilling on the couch. These will totally be added to my go-to gift

You can have conversations with your craft. They are great at listening.

You can pet your Craft!

You hold hands with your Craft.

Our personal FAV you can snuggle with your Craft!


Use Coupon Code: ihelpmoms10 for 10% off your Craft!

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