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10 New Years Resolutions for Moms

10 New Years Resolutions for Moms

1. Stop going to Target for one thing and coming out with a cart full.

It happens... Walk into the shiny red beautiful store of bullseyes "I don't need a cart but they just push so nice I'll get one" you think to yourself as you throw your diaper bag into the cart. Walking past the dollar section would be a shame... then there's the clearance sections for kids... then for me! Wait what did I come here for again?

2. Get in pictures with the kids & your SO.

Make it a goal to ask someone else to take the picture, so you are in the photos too. Stop using the "I need to lose more weight" & "I look like dog poop today" excuses and just DO it. Your kids will thank you later. Please don't be an invisible momma.

3. Print Yo' Photos!

When was the last time you PRINTED pictures?! The most photographed generation won't have any photos (see article).Stop hoarding digital images! is AWESOME

4. Purge things your no longer using or things that don’t serve a


Don't let your home be a collect all for junk! If it doesn't serve a purpose or is being used it's time to say 'Bye Felicia.' The energy will feel so much better without being surrounded by junk! Donate or sell!

5. Put down that cell phone!

Unplugging from computer and cell phone to spend more quality time with family! Go back to the basics family games and real conversations (and snuggles so many snuggles)!

6. Learn to say NO.

I'm not talking saying no to your kiddos because I’m sure you already do that 17.3 billion times a day because kids are little $h*T&. But I’m referring to stretching yourself too thin with taking on all kinds of extra projects. It's okay to say 'no' or even 'nah bruh' (isn't that what the cool kids are saying?)

7. Meal Plan!

That seems like such a grueling task, but it truly makes life so much easier! No to mention the money you save. We cut out grocery bill in HALF by meal planning and sticking to a budget/list.

8. Reserve weekly ME time

Girls night out, 30 min alone to take a bath, getting your nails done, or even grocery shopping alone! Take time to be alone & reset.

9. Stoping body shaming yourself!

Stop talking bad about your appearance/body image. You are beautiful! You're kids are listening to you even when you don't realize it.

10. Feed your creativity !

You don't have to go full out perfect Pinterest mommy... because who has time for that! But it's important to be creative! From a fun project with the kids, a new recipe, or having fun with some home decor! Be creative and have fun!

Five fun things to use when creating your New Years

Resolutions List:

A Habit to Make

A Habit to Break

A Skill to master

A Thing to Create

A Place to Go

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