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Holiday Gift Guide for Babes Under ONE

Holiday Gift Guide for Babes Under ONE

Baby's first Christmas is exciting of course and it's hard not to get caught up buying presents just to buy them. I mean you walk through the baby isle and everything just screams CUTE. Keep in mind most likely the babe will be more entertained by the wrapping paper & the boxes the present comes in. Wearing Mom Jeans has put together a Gift Guide both affordable and practical.

This is now my go to baby shower gift. Never thought I'd enjoy a product so much that involved sucking snot out of another humans nose... but let me tell you this thing is AMAZING! It's one of those tools you won't want to ever be without when you need it.

This elephant plays peek-a-boo and sings! My husband even said "That is pretty F$ˆ#&*^ cute" and I have to agree.

These blocks are awesome to stacking, squeezing, and chewing I love the muted colors & quality of these blocks. Comes with a super cool recycled bag which we use in the diaper bag now to keep baby supplies in :)

Six adorable ball pals with lots of sensory stimulating textures for little hands to explore. Fun stocking stuffer!

Hands down the best teething toy EVER. Must have for any teething or soon to be teething baby! (We have 6 or more of them!)

Reusable food pouches. Awesome for on the go! We can't say another fabulous things about these. Freezable & easy to clean as well.

Awesome white noise for baby's room. Shhhh Shhhh Shhhhh!

You might think this one might be more for mom... but your babe will LOVE this carrier! You'll never want to use your other carrier again.


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