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5 MUST haves for your lady bits after birth

5 MUST haves for your lady bits after birth!

Okay so let's be real after pushing a human out of your vag stuff gets messy down there. The hours... days... weeks that follow childbirth are far from comfortable. These 5 products made all the ouchies a little more manageable. I'm so glad I had these products on hand once I got home with my daughter.

#1 The Mom Washer-

This beat the peri bottle the hospital gave me 1000X !! I wish I had this packed in my hospital bag. The way the handle is angled it helps get you way cleaner than the traditional one.

#2 Bottom Spray

Cooling herbal perineal mist for pregnancy & postpartum helps ease and cool discomfort. This spray was AMAZING. It was very refreshing and made me feel clean. I even used this on my face!

#3 Postpartum Ice Packs

Cooling & calming ice packs. These are reusable and helped a lot with all the soreness down there. You can use them hot or cold which was really nice!

#4 Sexy Panties

Okay... not sexy but these were AWESOMESAUCE. Super light but hugged just right. Kept that giant ugly pad in place without having to wearing something tight.

#5 Healing Herb Bath

Herbal bath was great about a week out when I could finally get into a tub. Super soothing. These helped relieve irritation and it was great to be able to take 5 minutes to relax.


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