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A Commercialized Holiday Challenge

A Commercialized Holiday Challenge

Growing up as a kid my parents did a great job at making the holidays purely about family time. Yes, we did presents. But the gifts were either creative arts and crafts, things we needed, something we could do together as a family. We were that "corny" family who gave each other homemade gifts we spent weeks planning and watched ELF once a week starting in October. We didn't get the newest iPhone and expensive computers or cars for our 16th birthday those things we had to work & save for.

Last year I asked 3 younger siblings (13, 16 & 16) what they wanted to Christmas they responded ankle socks & can we have a sleepover at your house. I can only hope I raise my children to be this un-materialistic. My parents have won parenting.

The holiday's often times are a mad dash to go buy the hottest new toy before it sells out and spending far to much money on material goods that don't even matter and will be forgotten or given away on the next purge. Let's face it often times the kids are more amused by the packaging to the toys than the actual toy itself.

When I think back to the holidays growing up I have memories spending time with my family. To this day eating lasagna reminds me of the starts of Christmas season. Hot coco reminds me of the countless crappy cups of bitter water tasting liquid my little sister would bring me topped with basically an entire can of whipped cream, being proud she made hot coco by herself. I have memories of all of us snuggled up on the couch watching movies for hours on end. Memories of my dad letting his competitive side come out during game night. Memories of my mom throwing it down in the kitchen the one time of year she uses the oven.

This holiday season I challenge you to instead of purchasing "stuff" just for the purpose of buying things to instead get items that encourage family time or creativity. Make memories, create traditions, and don't get wrapped up in all the commercial aspect. Because in the end the memories and quality time are what matters most not the hundreds of dollars spent on toys.

List of some of my favorites

I Spy books (seriously these are fun for all ages)

Blank canvases with paint & painting supplies. Create a fun themed canvas together that you pack away until the holidays every year !

Coloring books and crayons ! Endless hours to fun!

Cook book with baking supplies! Have a family bakeoff.


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