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Nursery in Wonderland

Nursery in Wonderland

I went back and forth on the nursery theme for a while. I didn't know if I wanted to go with just a colored pallet or a full theme. I spent too much time on Pinterest looking at ideas. Finally came across something that inspired me to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme with a vintage twist. I had the pleasure of working with three amazing artists to put this theme together. It turned out way better than I ever imagined.

Sleepy Station: White crib I got on a swap shop for $30 (score!). Quilt & crib skirt I made with Alice in Wonderland fabric I was able to find on eBay. Photos above her crib are from her newborn photo session. Alice painting created by the marvelous Avalon from The Crea8tive Pencil.

Memory Cabinet: This crazy beautiful piece was created by Girls with Brushes. I just love this cabinet so much. Inside it has little pieces of things from my childhood & my husbands (books, baby photos, baby clothes, etc.), along with little bits on Alice in Wonderland woven throughout.

Pull back of this gorgeous beauty.

Painting Above is by The Crea8tive Pencil.

Alice in Wonderland details. To the right is her hand/foot mold I tried to DIY and it was an epic fail... notice the missing toes.

Changing Station: Pink changing table by Girls with Brushes. Art work by The Crea8tive Pencil. I made the curtains to match the crib skirt & did I DIY project on the puzzle piece while I was waiting to go into labor...(she was 3 days late...)

Snuggle Station: This rocking chair ROCKS my world. Seriously so comfy! The chair was painted by Girls with Brushes as well as the night stand. Lamp I found at target for $13 on sale. Alice Pillow is from amazon. The adorable bunny her Auntie brought her all the way from Rome.

Belly Casting: This might be one of my favorite things in her room. When I was pregnant (about 37 weeks) my momma helped me do a belly casting. Erin from Art Body Sarasota created this amazing design and put it on my belly with henna. (blog post on that coming soon). Then Erin brought this design to life on my belly casting. It's now a timeless piece of art work.

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Avalon from The Crea8tive Pencil

Nikki from Girls with Brushes

Erin from Art & Body Sarasota

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