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Mom Hack For Finishing a HOT Cup of Coffee

Mom Hack For Finishing a HOT Cup of Coffee

Babies are amazing, but they also are little @$$holes when it comes to allowing you to enjoy a shower long enough to shave both calfs or maybe a pit. Getting an actual full night of sleep with a little human? >HA< Forget them allowing you to finish a hot cup of coffee you so desperately need without having it go cold 17 times. I recently got some SIC cups, and they have been a total game changer in the world of coffee drinking.

Ahh. She's sleeping & down for morning nap. That means it's time for mama's morning cup of yummy coffee. I pour that delicious hot coffee into my mug and top it off with my favorite creamer just before I take my first sip I hear those lungs of steel coming from the small human upstairs who is supposed to be napping. JOKE is on me. If she does stay asleep, I'm always on an adrenaline high trying to run around getting as much as possible done before she wakes to contour the world. Coffee cup often gets forgotten and only remembered once it's room temp and icky... yumm... Since having a babe it totally takes me 3 or more hours to finish a cup of coffee I have a five-hour buffer on that now that I use SIC cups. They keep hot beverages hot for 8 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Not only does SIC Cups have an awesome splash proof lid AND fits in my car cup holder, to add icing to the cake all their cups come with a lifetime warranty! They come in 12 marvelous powered coated colors.

Aside from the wondrous hot coffee hack SIC Cups have given me I love love love how COLD my ice water stays. Excellent when I'm awake nursing all night, playing at the park or running errands!

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