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Breastfeeding Translations

Breastfeeding Translations

Breatfeeding is awesome, amazing, sometimes painful, and hella messy!

Leaky Boobs=

Water Guns. I’m still surprised at how far milk can shoot. There’s nothing to prove you’re hot mess mom more than to forget nursing pads & leaking through your light colored shirt. (Home girls… black and navy tops are were it’s at.)


Boob Boner… Seriously, I’m not sure how else to explain that.


Oh, Hey Dairy Queen. Seriously never felt more like a cow in my life. The sound of the pump doesn’t help that either.

Nursing Top=

At first this means actual shirts meant for nursing … But then it really just turns into anything you can whip your boob out while wearing… then you reach the ‘what the hell is a shirt’ phase.

Nursing Cover=

The act of those covering their eyes when they become offended by the sight of a child eating. #sorrynotsorry

Let down=

Flood gates… sometimes this means a milk shower for the baby!

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