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5 ANNOYING Things STRANGERS Say After You Have a Baby

5 ANNOYING Things STRANGERS Say After You Have a Baby

1. Is she/he a good baby or does she/he cry?

Um is there a thing as a bad baby? If my baby was ‘bad’ I probably wouldn’t tell you about it. Cry? Really? A baby? Nope never… #reallypeople

2. Ready for another one?

Dude… why don’t you let my vagina heal first before you start asking me about pushing another one out.

3. How long are you going to breastfed?

As long as we want. Please stop talking to me.

4. Are you getting sleep?

Please I beg of you remind me of the 17 million times I was woken up last night. No. I’m not getting any sleep. Go away unless your going to feed me coffee.

5. He’s so cute…

Okay funny. How did you even by pass the pink dress and fluffy headband? No. But really… ?

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