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3 Things I Thought Before I Became a Mommy

3 things I thought before I became a mommy

When I was pregnant I had this idea of ‘how things will be’ once the baby came. Pretty sure once she came out it all went out the window! Here are 3 things I thought before I became a mommy…

Breastfeeding is easy

HA.HA.HA easy… I guess everyone I’ve ever seen breastfeed made it look so easy and natural. The first few days were so frustrating. The following weeks after were pretty painful. It took about six weeks before it actually turned into an enjoyable pain free experience. Without the help and support of my own mama I don’t think I would have stuck with it! I have so much more respect for ALL nursing mamas but especially those that don’t have support at home.

The ‘sleep when the baby
sleeps’ would be a thing…

Unless she’s sleeping at night you’ll probably find me awake. Honestly… her nap times are my me time and I’d rather spend them doing sh*t that needs to get done around the house. Nap time means I might get a shower… or be able to brush my teeth… maybe unload the dishwasher or even fold that laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer for the past week. I’ve always been a terrible daytime napper so I’m not sure what made me thing that they would get easier with a baby.

I’d be able to wear my old clothes after I lost my baby weight…

I still laugh at this. I honestly thought I’d go back to my old wardrobe. My baby girl is over 2 months old and I’m a few pounds away from my pre-preggo weight but my body shape has changed so much. Even if I could button those jeans the cut is hella unflattering now. Not to mention my tops aren’t breastfeeding friendly whatsoever. I now get dressed by asking myself ‘how easy can I get my boobs out of this shirt’…. I actually went back to the maternity store and got more of those super sexy shorts with the attached belly band. I find myself pretty much live in nursing tanks and bralettes (& leggings…)Comfort and flattering fit & ‘easy access’ will trump fashion in my book any day!

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