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These Socks are Made for Talkin'

These Socks are Made for Talkin’

I can’t be the only one who has a baby surround by all kinds of toys but is more entertained with the headband she won’t leave on her head or the tops to all the tupperwear containers. That term ‘less is more’ definitely applies to my little one. Her favorite toy is a boring wooden teething ring well that is until I got this hand puppet in the mail from Cate & Levi! The belly laughs that accompanied playing with her new dragon puppet for the first time were just priceless!

Cate & Levi is a family based Canadian based company who prides themselves on creating responsibly made and environmentally friendly items. Being a small company myself I love nothing move than to move away from ‘mainstream’ big box brands and support small family owned companies.

Cate & Levi’s hand puppets come with two different options: Premium Reclaimed Wool Puppet, where no two puppets are identical, as each has a unique color combination. Or try their 100% USA Polar Fleece Puppet, where this eco-friendly fabric is composed mostly of recycled plastic water bottles that are made into a soft fleece.

I love that the Cate & Levi brand has put a new spin on such a simple and classic toy. The quality is just superb. Highly recommend these gorgeous puppets. Be sure to stop by their website to see all the amazing goodies they offer.

Coupon ALERT:

Visit check out their award winning designs use code “ihelpmom15” to save 15% off your purchase of $30 or more.

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