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Dear Random Lady at the Beach…

Dear Random Lady at the Beach,

You saw me taking photos of my husband and daughter with my camera and you offered to take a photo of all three of us. As I handed you my Canon Markiii and I tried to explain back button focus you told me ‘no promises I can barely use an iPhone camera’! Well you nailed it women!!

I’ve made it a personal goal to get my ‘big girl camera’ out more to capture our life but I’m normally always behind the lens. I’ve been trying to teach my husband a few things but this photo means the world to me.

To anyone out there who sees a mom taking a photo of her kiddos offer to take a their photo together. She’ll probably squirm a little because her hair is a mess or she’s wearing yesterdays clothes or in my case straight up pajamas but that’s life! It’s a real moment that might seem like nothing now but you never know what that photo you take might mean to her, her kids or loved ones in the future.

Thank you lady for capturing a little piece of my life tonight.



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