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Social Media Hates My Small Business

Social Media Hates My Small Business!

Alright lets be real it’s 2017 and unless you live in the middle on nowhere without wifi social media is probably part of your everyday life. Over 80% of Americans used some type of social media last year & this percentage is growing. I mean come on even my grandma is on facebook.

Aside from keeping up to date with your friends and family via narcissistic selfies and updates about how your kids are driving you nuts, social media is also a way for businesses to connect with their clients/customers. Using social media has become a part of building a business. Social media is an AWESOME tool or it used to be…

Facebook & Instagram have changed the way posts show up in feeds. They are forcing small businesses into having to pay to get their posts shown (in my opinion paying to have a post sponsored isn’t worth it AT ALL … unless you have a couple grand to spend). I get it they are in it for the money… but small businesses can’t afford what it takes to get our posts shown. Why can’t they just leave us alone

Ways to help small businesses on social media!?

LIKE. COMMENT. SHARE. Right now the only other way to ‘boost’ our posts so they are shown without having to pay big bucks is when people comment, like and share our posts/photos. However; that’s hard to do when your not seeing us right?

Turn on notifications for your favorite small businesses!

If you’ve made it this far thanks so much for reading! Hey? Mr.Zuckerberg if you for some reason see this… can you please cut this sh!t out. Thanks bruh.

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