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Reasons Why I'm Glad I Hired a Birth Photographer

Being a photographer myself I know how important capturing memories are. Basically as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was already planning photo sessions (not even kidding). I hired my birth photographer at the end of my first trimester. I’m probably the least modest person ever. The idea of having a photographer in the labor and delivery room with me didn’t bother me. To be honest I didn’t even really notice she was in the room! With all the third trimester OB visits any modesty I had left completely went out the window.

My Photographer Captured My Support:

When I was labor I blacked out a lot of moments and feelings… I was so focused on getting through my crazy contractions that I really don’t remember a lot of things. I was on all fours in intense labor then the next thing I knew I was flipped over & pushing. Then there was a giant baby making her way into the world through a small hole between my legs. (who’s idea was that?!?!) My photographer captured all the little moments of my support team being there for me. Everyone in that room put a lot of work into helping me bring her into this world. All the hand holding, back rubs, knee squeezing (yes I was obsessed with having my knees squeezed) laughter & tears was captured perfectly.

Missed Moments Were Captured:

There was also so much I missed when my daughter was born… I missed the look of everyone’s face when they saw her for the first time. I missed seeing my mom tear up when I got to hold her. I missed watching my husband guard over her while the nurses took her to get checked out. I don’t remember seeing her get weighed or measured. I missed my little sister seeing her up close for the first time. These were all moments I was able to get back through photographs. I’m so grateful I was able have these photographs taken. I will be able to look back on them forever.

Her Was History Was Frozen in Time:

These photos captured her coming into the world & the process of what it took to get her here. I’m excited to have these to be able to share with her one day. I have more than just words to share with her about the day she was born. I would have loved to have photos of my birth now that I’m older (not so much when I was 15)

Huge shout of to photographer Laina Hopkins of Laina Hopkins Photography for capturing these amazing moments for me & my family.

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