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I'm not claiming to be a chief and really have no business trying to write recipes as most often my measuring skills are 'a dash of that,' 'too much of this,' '17 pinches and a splash '. But I  enjoy cooking and love sharing yummy things I come up with in the kitchen. This of these recipes as more of guidelines for what I am putting together and not perfect meaurements. If your a hot mess cooker like me you'll understand just fine. Because life is busy, you'll find quick and easy recipes! Who has time for anything else? And if you do can you share HOW??? 

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September 17, 2018

It's fall which means Pumpkin Spice season (well almost)! If your anything like me your heart does a little pitter patter at the smell of cinnamon and thoughts of cooler weather. Pumpkin spice lattes have been one of my fall staples but aside from not wanting to drain my bank account spending $6 on a latte from starbs I also want am one THOSE people who likes to pay attention to the things I put into my body. There is nothing...

January 3, 2018

Easy Crockpot Lime Chili Recipe 

What's better than yummy comfort food? Cozy (I would say cold but I live in FL and it's currently 70 degrees) winter months are upon us. Spice up your winter menu with this delicious & easy chili recipe! 

Tools you'll need: 

12 Minutes of time 

Crock Pot 

Frying Pan

Taste for something yummy 

Ingredients you'll need: 

Pack of ground sausage (you can also use chicken or beef but we like sausage the best...

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