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Hi I'm Sadiee


I recently just traded in my name brand low rise skinny jeans for some stretchy and somewhat awkward to look at mom jeans and… about one thousand pairs of leggings. 

Wearing Mom Jeans 

Wearing Mom Jeans was born a few years ago, as I was recovering from a traumatic delivery of my first baby. The plan was to be a stay at home mom and do my photography here and there on the side, but to be honest, I was only a few weeks in and bored AF. One day I woke up and was inspired to start a mommy blog. Never did I imagine the silly little mommy blog I started on a whim would turn into what it has today. 

My title? Photographer, Videographer, Content Creator, Story Teller, Virtual Assistant, Influencer... I'm sure there will be something new will be added tomorrow can you tell I like doing all the things? 

I've got two little ones that call me "Mama," and sometimes when my three-ager is annoyed, she switches it up and calls me "MOMMM!"

A husband that called me "Babe."

But most people just call me



Postpartum Recovery

I'm over the top sarcastic & sassy which I totally get from my mama. I have a passion for natural products & HEALTHY foods. I am very holistic-minded. Some call me crunchy & some call me crazy but coconut oil? "I put that sh#$ on everything." ​I'm a birth & breastfeeding junkie.

I'm married to the biggest nerd ever. (did I say, NERD?) Tech dude with an obsession for indie video games and all things superheroes. I found him on, and semi stood him up on our first date (I canceled like an hour before). I remember one of my friends telling me, "watch you marry this one." Well, she was right! 

​I have two little humans who have entirely changed my outlook on life. Funny story, I always wanted FIVE kids! But let me tell you TWO is a lot of kids, and I'm so content with our family of four. 


​My daughter has inherited my sass and level of stubborn independence; she keeps us on our toes by never knowing what is going to come out of her mouth. My son is my sickly sweet and heart melty snuggly one but watch out he has a sneaky side, which often involves climbing. They sure keep life interesting hiding my things and sure to crap themselves at the most convenient times >insert sarcasm< But I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, who am I kidding I’d love just a few more hours of sleep!


​I'm committed to only working and promoting brands that I use myself and love. You won't find anything on this blog I don't stand behind. I keep it real. If you're still reading this WOW, I didn't lose ya! I can never make it through a bio page #truestory. Thanks for sticking around! If you are a brand and would like to work together, please send me an inquiry via email to

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