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Parenting Posts 

Parenting is HARD and often confusing. Everyone and their uncle has a strong opinion about how to parent your child. I try to keep these posts fun and informative. Things that worked for us and things that didn't! Enjoy! 


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June 16, 2019

This doesn't start like most 'how babies are made' stories. It begins with a super janky dating website because the early 2000s didn't have many options. Once upon a time, two single people signed up for a dating website and ended up coming out on the other side soul mates — Johnny from Cape Cod & Nikki from Maine.

Johnny had a sweet yellow lab named Hannah. Nikki had possibly a hamster at the time, but the real plot twist is w...

June 8, 2019

Yesterday she was having a rough day. We were both pretty frustrated with each other. Nap time wasn't going well we usually will go outside for a walk to reset when we have days like this, but the baby was sleeping, and it was DOWN POURING out. It was the type of rain that is noticeably loud. She ran over to the window by the door and pointed out and told me it was raining. I told her yes it was raining and we'd go outside lat...

January 15, 2019

"I would never cloth diaper" is something that came out of my mouth before... yet here I am! Cloth diapering not only one but two kids under two! Our cloth diaper journey started when baby number two arrived and his little bum WAS NOT a fan of disposables at all. We tried several different brands of disposables and they all resulted in a nasty chemical burn looking rash. So we took the leap bought a lot of a facebook swap grou...

May 25, 2018

Communicate With Your Baby | Intro Into Baby Sign Language

So excited to be partnering with Sign With Me Box for this blog post. Sign with me box is an AMAZING subscription box unlike anything else. Their focus is on sign language specifically with little ones. "You get trusted products from the best sign language learning companies, as well as fun toys to help you teach the signs to your baby. You also get access to an ASL tea...

May 16, 2018

Why I Didn't Take My Husband's Last Name

Society norms are weird. This wacky traditional of marital name changes came from the property shift that occurred at the time of marriage. Basically, women went from being owned by her family to becoming her new husband's property.  Back when women had no independent legal identity apart from their spouse. (EW)

Taking your husband's last name is such a regular thing in today's society th...

April 12, 2018

Why You Should Skip The Rice Cereal

One of the exciting things about being a parent is when your baby hits a new milestone! For most mamas and daddies feeding their baby food is a very exciting first. They finally get to experience TASTE of new things. You can't wait to watch them react to different flavors. However; there can be risks and dangers associated with starting your little one on foods before they are ready this incl...

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